Thematic trails

Restaurants and delicacies

Influenced by a variety of cuisines, Quebec gastronomy has definitely won the acclaim of foodies and gourmands. Mouth-watering and served in generous portions, you’ll find great meals in the many restaurants and cafes that populate Mont-Royal Avenue. Come discover the flavours of the Avenue!
  • La Binerie Mont-Royal (367 Mont-Royal East) - Traditional Quebec cuisine in a 1940s working class ambiance: baked beans, creton, pea soup and pudding chômeur.
  • Petits Gâteaux (783 Mont-Royal East) - Creamy, colourful, and refined cupcakes that will lift your spirits!
  • Saint-Viateur bagel (1127 Mont-Royal East) - Made by hand and cooked in a wood oven, these famous Montreal bagels are great in the morning or for lunch.
  • Chez Victoire, bistro de quartier (1453 Mont-Royal East) - A sophisticated wine list. A relaxed, friendly, and warm ambiance.
  • Café Rico (1215 Mont-Royal East) - First 100% fair trade and organic coffee roaster in Quebec. High-quality coffee and fair trade, the best of both worlds!


A true mecca of shopping, Mont-Royal Avenue offers a plethora of choices: boutiques specializing in local brands and designers, bookstores, and specialty shops where you can find a wide selection of original and creative gifts. The Avenue is definitely a prime destination for those who love to shop.
  • Retromania (820 Mont-Royal East) - Thrift store for women, ready-to-wear clothing, and vintage items for fashionistas.
  • Cuir Mont-Royal (826A Mont-Royal East) - Boutique offering exclusive leather and suede items. Don’t forget to buy a fur hat!
  • L’Appartement Boutique (1871 Mont-Royal East) - A premium selection of offerings by designers from Québec, Spain, and elsewhere. In a decor that resembles a typical Montreal apartment.
  • SicilyClothing (251 Mont-Royal East) - Offers, among other things, clothing items designed by local creators and made in Québec.
  • Aime com moi (150 Mont-Royal East) - Quebeccreations that highlight your figure, ideal for the active and elegant woman!

The best kept local secrets

Be just like one of the neighbourhood’s residents and discover where the locals go. The locals reveal their favourite spots just for you… but be careful not to spread the word.
  • Tony Pappas “Not only for their selection and great service, but because every time I go there I meet friends and their kids who are looking for the perfect shoe!” Valérie, Cartier Street
  • Café El Dorado “Mainly for its relaxed ambiance, comfortable booths, and delicious café au lait. Business breakfasts, afternoons spent writing, dinner for two… I’m always there!” Esther, Sherbrooke Street
  • Farfelu “A boutique that is as unique as me, a funny and original universe full of love and colours. Perfect for finding gifts.” Vanessa, Panet Street
  • Salle à Manger “One of the best places to eat in Québec. A culinary and sensorial experience like no other. You’ll think about it, you’ll dream about it, you’ll talk about it!” Brigitte, de Lanaudière Street

Books, records, etc.

Rare books, imported vinyl records, independent movies and foreign films, Mont-Royal Avenue offers endless possibilities for those who thirst for culture. For those who seek that rare gem that can be found in the Avenue’s cultural boutiques: happy treasure hunting!
  • Le Nouveau Soundcentral (4486 Coloniale) - Record store specializing in underground music. You’ll find a phenomenal number of CDs, vinyl records, and even cassettes!
  • Le Port de Tête(262 Mont-Royal East) - Independent bookstore offering remarkable new and used books.
  • L’Échange (713 Mont-Royal East) - Perfect spot to trade books and CDs and make great discoveries.
  • La Bouquinerie du Plateau (799 Mont-Royal East) - Boutique that buys and sells used books, comic books, and CDs.

Bars and shows

During the day or once night falls, entertainment on the Avenue can be found within its bars and showrooms that are great spots to share unforgettable moments with friends. Whether to savour a delicious cocktail, savour tapas, or watch a show, the Avenue is the perfect festive location!
  • Salon Daomé (141 Mont-Royal East) - This loft is a favourite of amateurs of electronic music. Open Tuesday to Sunday with DJs every night.
  • Bar Bily Kun (354 Mont-Royal East) - A neighbourhood bar with live jazz nights and DJs. Don’t be surprised by the ostrich heads on the walls!
  • Le Boudoir (850 Mont-Royal East) - Wide selection of Québec microbrews and more than 100 types of scotch and whisky.
  • La Distillerie II (2047 Mont-Royal East) - More than 145 unique and creative cocktails and mixes, served in Masson jars.
  • Le Verre Bouteille (2112 Mont-Royal East) - Warm decor, relaxed atmosphere. Great concert programming.

Your souvenir album

Click… a squirrel. Click… a colourful staircase. Part of travelling means bringing home photos that have stories to tell. So liberate the photographer in you and let yourself be guided by our recommendations. From architecture to street art to observing local life, we’ll point you to images that highlight who we are. Get ready to take some beautiful pictures!


·        Green alleyway – Alley between Bordeaux and Chabot streets
·        Murals – des Compagnons Park
·        Stairs – Simard Alleyway
·        Squirrels – Lafontaine Park
·        Pignon – Fabre Street
·        For an incredible view of Mont-Royal Avenue pointing to the Olympic Stadium


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