About the Société de développement de l’avenue du Mont-Royal

The Société de développement de l’avenue du Mont-Royal (SDAMR) is a non-profit organization that groups the 475 businesses located on Mont-Royal Avenue between St. Lawrence and Iberville Streets. More precisely, it is a Commercial Development Society (SDC) as per Chapter C-19 (art. 458.1 to 458.44) of the Cities and Towns Act of Quebec.

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The SDAMR’s mission

In collaboration with numerous partners, the SDAMR’s mission is to ensure the vitality of Mont-Royal Avenue, to support a dynamic commercial activity that meets the needs and expectations of various client groups, to support its members in developing their businesses, to organize promotional activities along with cultural and artistic events in order to cultivate a feeling of belonging and pride among residents and business people of the area.

Odace Événements

The SDAMR’s cultural division is Odace Événements. This non-profit organization’s mission is to inject culture into the lives of citizens by creating original cultural events that question the meaning of city life while strengthening the community’s sense of belonging. Through an innovative approach, Odace Événements multiplies the opportunities for exchange between creators and the public while encouraging the latter’s implication in the creative process. This way, Odace Événements can appropriate public spaces of the city and those of its own neighbourhoods and invest in them in order to make culture and arts an integral part of the environment and integrate them into everyday life. Moreover, Odace Événements actively works to help emerging artists become more visible by encouraging creation outside of official venues and promoting amateur performance. These initiatives contribute to preserving a cultural diversity in Montreal. They also encourage citizens to participate and make the neighbourhood’s cultural life accessible to the community.